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MoonDance Experience Miami

MoonDance Experience MiamiFriday, March 2, 7pm-10pm – The Sacred Space Miami, 105 NE 24th St, Miami

“Dance like nobody is watching” is a moon dance gathering, which is considered to be a form of “ecstatic dance” that involves dynamic yoga stretch, cacao activation, sound healing, dancing, and meditation. During the event you will experience a welcome circle and intention setting cacao activation ceremony to set the tone. This is followed by a period of yoga stretch, an “ecstatic dance” session, sound healing, and meditation prior to closing the circle. “Ecstatic Dance” is a free technique dance where the DJ guides the audience through an eclectic selection of tracks that build an in crescendo rhythm story which slows down at the end. The dancers begin and end in Savasana pose. This experience will be led by a team which includes the DJ, a yoga and circle leader, a musician/sound healer and special guests. The Cacao Activation will be made with cacao by Sun Potion.  #MoonDanceMiami @SacredSpaceMIA