Miami-Dade County

“Les Jacmeliens” Art Basel Exclusive Show

"Les Jacmeliens" Art Basel Exclusive ShowThursday, December 1, 7-10pm - The Haitian Heritage Museum, 4141 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami

“Les Jacmeliens” 2011 marks the official launch of the first art exhibition that bridges Haiti’s renowned, Arts district Jacmel with the local art scene in the Miami Design District. “Les Jacmeliens” debuts a group exhibition that will feature works by two Haitian artist from Jacmel; “Dufo”, son of Haitian master Prefete Duffaut, and Carel Blain, together with works by local Haitian American contemporary artist Reynald Poisson. The presentation will open across border dialogue of vibrant artistic expressions by Haitian artists throughout the diaspora and Haiti.

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