Miami Beach Visual Arts

Noche de Brujas at Faena Forum

Noche de Brujas at Faena ForumFriday, March 23, 7pm-11pm – Faena Forum, 3300-3398 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

Ancient civilizations were known to entrust the winds of March to carry their wishes to the divine. Faena Forum will call upon the awakened for a night of multi-disciplinary magic with Noche de Brujas, a festive celebration of female-driven performance art merging ancient rituals, visual art, technology, music, dance and more to create a contemporary ritual for the 21st century.

An “anti-concert” at the height of Miami Music Week, Noche de Brujas features an impressive line-up of artists who work with sound and music alongside musicians with strong visual language to create an immersive experience like no other. These eclectic artists align themselves with the esoteric and the spiritual, engaging in practices that verge on the shamanistic and the “brujeria,” including tarot readings, psychic divination and Yoruba religion as it is practiced in Afro-Cuban tradition.

Through each of their crafts, these artists are modern-day goddesses, sirens, aliens and witches who together will explore the gray areas between music and art, sacred and profane, traditional and futuristic – ultimately embracing the “witch” archetype as a feminist and anti-patriarch in a larger movement that challenges preconceived notions of systems, knowledge, power…and the unknown. 

The Noche de Brujas ceremony begins with a ritual cleansing of Faena Forum by Afro-Cuban dance and music group IFE-ILE, followed by an offering to Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of the river representing womanhood in all of her forms. Through this practice, the space is converted into a living altar featuring inspired collaborative works by visual artists Virgo and Carlos Betancourt. 

The night’s celebrations continue with a series of live performances, musical acts and immersive installations by Juliana Huxtable, POORGRRRLl, Voila Snow, Georgia Wall, Sandflower, Kalup Linzy, Jen DeNike, and Suzi Analogue. Event is complimentary and open to the public. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to experience the purification ritual and live tarot readings.