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New Mezcal Amarás Logia Collection

Mezcal Amarás Logia Launch PartyTuesday, November 9, 7pm-9pm – Uchi Miami, 2520NW 25th Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Mezcal Amarás high-end brand allocates as much as 20% of each bottle’s net sale to the development of internal initiatives promoting social and environmental responsibility, including rescuing and protecting wild agave species, and a goal of planning ten agave for every one agave they harvest.

Mezcal Amarás Logia is a limited-edition releases, highlighting some of the more rare agaves used in mezcal. The  lineup consists of several artisanal mezcals, including: Mezcal Amaras Logia Cenizo, Sierra Negra, and Tobalá.

Mezcal Amarás Logia Cenizo is handcrafted with wild agave scientifically know as a A. durangensis that takes 14 years to reach maturity. This mezcal is traditionally produced in a conical stone oven that is made with volcanic rock. The agave are roasted with local mesquite and huisache wood. The cooked agave are then milled with an ax by hand, fermented in stainless steel rectangular vats at ground level, and double distilled in a copper still. The nose is pronounced and fruity with slight hints of earth and sweet chipotle aromas. The taste has notes of over-roasted coffee beans, wood zest, and a trace of sweet raisin.

Mezcal Amarás Logia Sierra Negra is crafted using a 12-year-old wild agave A. americana. Due to its minimal seed viability, it has a limited yearly production of 2,000 liters on average. Its unique recipe starts with the inclusion of pink peppercorns (pirul) and red chili peppers to the volcanic rocks and oak wood used in the cooking process. The taste has notes of citric and herbaceous aromas, with light and spicy flavors that blend into a sweet finish.

Mezcal Amarás Logia Tobalá is crafted in Tlacolula, Oaxaca using a 12-year-old wild agave A. potatorum. It is an ancestral mezcal distilled in clay pots. This method requires double the amount of agave, on average 40 to 60 lbs, per liter of mezcal. The taste has gentle notes of roosted peanut and figs.

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