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Synergy – Gathering Of The Tribes

Synergy - Gathering Of The TribesSaturday, June 16, 10am-7pm – Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, 4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Key Biscayne

Calling on all the Tribes of South Florida to bring your unique element to our Synergy gathering at the beautiful Virginia Key Beach Park. We just recently celebrated Love Burn there and would love to keep the Love Vibe going. Come as you are to this daytime celebration of human spirit, passion, and creativity. We support 10 Burning Man Principles and encourage everyone to be in alignment with this vision. We are looking forward to seeing drum circles, dancers, artists and everyone else who wants to show the world your true colors. While Universal Love Tribe will focus on creating the fundamentals and inviting great DJs for your dancing pleasure, let’s not forget to channel our intentions through the universal energy of love. We are one family, one tribe and only through love and unity, we can create a global shift to a higher consciousness. We are all excited to share this day with you. @universallovetribe