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Miami State Attorney Forum

Miami State Attorney ForumWednesday, May 13, 7pm-10pm – Online

State Attorneys play a huge role in mass incarceration in our state and they are all up for reelection in August. They control Ending the War on Poverty, Decarcerate & Expand Alternatives, Protect Immigrant Communities, and Transparency & Accountability between the community and the system.

That means we have an opportunity to reshape what the criminal justice system looks like here in the State of Florida. We want to build enough power to elect a candidate that’s committed to policies that will keep people out of jails and prisons and decarcerate.

We fundamentally believe that all people deserve to be safe, and the current criminal legal system isn’t designed to do that, it’s designed to keep people locked up and on short ropes, penalize them financially for life, and trap them in a system that serves the state and not the community. Join us for a forum featuring Miami-Dade County’s state attorney candidates on Wednesday, May 13th, as we apply pressure and see who’s up to the task of freeing our people.