Broward County Visual Arts

“What’s Your Elephant” Art Exhibit at 1310 Gallery

What’s Your Elephant Art ExhibitSaturday, August 18, 6pm-10pm – 1310 Gallery, 1310 SW Second Court, Fort Lauderdale

Artist Niki Lopez will be curating her 10th Annual Art Show at Fort Lauderdale’s 1310 Gallery. She was recently featured on the People Magazine Investigates: Cults series on the Investigation Discovery channel. There, Lopez shared her story of being raised in an abusive cult that thrived on secrecy, until she and other survivors broke their silence, which ultimately brought down the cult and its leader.

This experience inspired her to create a space in her art to share her “elephant” (an obvious truth that is being ignored or otherwise unaddressed) and to passionately provide opportunities for others to do the same. What’s Your Elephant uses a combination of art exhibits, interactive installations, and workshops to provoke and facilitate discussions unveiling issues around gender, discrimination, and abuse.

The upcoming show will feature visual artwork from Lopez, Adewale Adenle, Natalya Kochak, Teepop, Mary Catello, Wilbert Simpson, Naomi Ross, Tabatha Mudra, Artists for Black Lives Matter Collective and Stonewall National Museum & Archives.

Attendees are invited to participate with an interactive installation to share their “elephant.” Lopez will also host a “What’s Your Elephant” workshop at the location of this exhibition’s community partner – Stonewall National Museum & Archives on Thursday, August 2, 2018. Participants will use creative arts in a safe space to reveal individual or societal “elephants” impacting their lives. “It’s about acknowledging it [the elephant] owning it, so that it doesn’t define you,” says Lopez.

Admission is free and open to the public. This exhibition presents materials of a sensitive nature. Viewer discretion is advised. Opening night will be hosted by poet Mori Taye and includes performances by Inez Barlatier, Venus Rising: Women’s Drum & Dance Ensemble, Dillon, Morgyn Danae, G. Winston James, Charnell Richards and Chelsea Ward. #whatsyourelephant