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Samara Cabaret at Faena Theater Grand Opening Night

Samara Cabaret at Faena Theater Grand Opening NightThursday, November 15, 9pm – Faena Theater, 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Alan Faena is hosting the opening night of Samara Cabaret at Faena Theater with a new original Faena LIVE production in collaboration with Quixotic, debuting this Thursday, November 15. Inspired by the Sanskrit word “samsara” referencing rebirth, karmic reincarnation and life’s constant change, Samsara Cabaret fuses stunning visuals, contemporary dance, cirque nouveau, live music, state-of-the-art technology, fire performance and more to create an exhilarating theater experience unlike any other.

Narrated by its goddess of experience through a series of lively vignettes, Samsara Cabaret tells the transformative journey of Artemis, a being made of stardust, as she confronts the light and dark energy that surrounds her.

Transcending her own dimension, the show’s lead protagonist, played by Miami native Bianca Allanic, undergoes a startling metamorphosis right before the audience’s eyes through song, dance, acrobatics, optical illusions and beyond. Samsara Cabaret boasts an outstanding ensemble of award-winning talent, including powerhouse singer and “America’s Got Talent” semi-finalist Yoli Mayor, violinist Shane Borth, cellist Ben Munoz, and Sensatia stars Megan Stockman, EnVee and Samanta Mixan.

The incandescent performance, directed by Quixotic’s Anthony Magliano and Christian Squires, is a sensuous meditation on the eternal cycle of creation and transformation, during which guests are siren-called to leave their old selves behind in search for the ever-new.