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“Black Expressionism from the Caribbean Today”

Black Expressionism from the Caribbean TodayTuesday, October 23, 6pm-8pm – Lélia Mordoch Gallery, 2300 N Miami Ave, Miami Wynwood Arts District

For the first time, four French Caribbean artists and photographers – Robert Charlotte, Mirtho Linguet, Sébastien Mehal and Shirley Rufin – are being presented jointly in a gallery in Miami, the Lélia Mordoch Gallery in Wynwood. The gallery already represented Sébastien Mehal among its artists, but discovered the three others through the Tout-Monde Festival, the first Caribbean contemporary arts festival launched in Miami in March 2018 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the USA, in partnership with the France Florida Foundation for the Arts. Through this show, the gallery is questioning the potential links between Caribbean contemporary art and Expressionism. On a purely aesthetic level, intense colors and provocative shapes expressing subjective moods or emotions seem to be a common ground. From a social point of view, both movements have in common the endeavor to challenge dominant social or political codes or establishment. But differences remain, as Caribbean contemporary artists seem to find their specificity in cosmopolitism and universality. @franceinnyc