Miami-Dade County Tasting Event

Two World’s Beer and Wine Experience

Two World's Beer and Wine ExperienceSaturday, December 1, 6pm-10pm – Little River Studios, 300 NE 71st St, Miami

Two World’s Beer and Wine Experience will be a unique sampling event taking place at Little River Studios. The mission is to bring both beer and wine enthusiasts together, through design, entertainment, and product knowledge. The event will feature two areas of pouring partners (Beer World & Wine World), each focused on Old World or New World styles and production methods. Along with the beverage showcase, we will feature culinary partners, hydration stations, live music, art, & vendors for guests.

In between mingling between the Beer World and Wine World, enjoy SoundBite Magazine’s live music experience featuring touring group, Orlando’s Gary Lazer Eyes, and South Florida’s Bitter Blue Jays, The Great Fear, Red Light Motel, and Sun City Riot! The studio will also have multiple photo sets for guests to interact with and capture great shots to share with the world. Link in bio, Cheers! #twoworldsbeerandwine @twoworldsbeerandwine