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Sen5es Art Basel

Sen5es Art BaselDecember 4 – 6, 6pm-9pm – Miami Design Shop, 294 Northeast 67th Street, Miami

You are about to embark on a journey where massive collaboration unites various art forms – fashion, visual art, culinary and music – to activate and overload all 5 senses – “feel me”, “see me”, “taste me”, “smell me”, “hear me.” Join fashion designer, Liliana Salazar, previews her couture collection at SEN5ES. The garments will be presented in muslin (raw cotton) which will serve as a canvas for ten incredible artists to add their medium, creating wearable works of art. Completed wearable heARTworks will be be auctioned with a percentage donated to Rise Up Gallery.

Through our collaboration of artists, designers, fabricators, chefs and organizers, we aim to promote sustainability and educate our guests on the topic of sustainability. Components of our event, such as the catwalk, step-and-repeat, furniture and decor will be created using recycled and re-purposed materials. Many of our featured artists create using re-purposed materials, and one specifically highlights the issue of plastics in our oceans. Our culinary artists will source ingredients from local farms and use eco-friendly serving products. #Sen5esBasel