Anniversary Celebration Miami-Dade County Performing Arts

Best Of Backroom 2018

Best Of Backroom 2018Saturday, December 29, 6pm-11pm – X Miami Apartments, 230 NE 4th St, Miami

What began as a small function amongst friends has now successfully become a platform for locals in Miami-Dade County. Celebrating another 365 days of culture in the 305, Backroom Sessions closes out 2018 with its 2 year anniversary showcase, “Best Of Backroom”. Featuring the cream of the crop in homegrown talent, the multi-genre concert will be filled with local Visual & Performing Arts activations that highlight the creative communities. These will be complemented by vendors offering a selection of merchandise, food, & drinks that are custom to the culture found down here at the Bottom of the Map. Come through and show love to the locals putting on for the city. #BestofBackroom @backroomsessionsmia