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Find Your Lightbody with Brigid Baker at The Standard Spa

Find Your Lightbody with Brigid Baker at The Standard SpaThursday, February 28, 7pm-10pm – The Gardens at The Standard Spa, 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach

Following the rave reviews from our last workshop, we are excited to announce that Find Your Lightbody is BACK! Join Brigid Baker under the stars for a multi-dimensional experience to embodiment and rejuvenation using breath work and movement. 

Lightbody is a multi-dimensional approach to expanded embodiment, rejuvenation, body restoration, and restriction removal using breath work, movement-mirroring, tracings, sound emanations, and patterns repeated in sequences. This leads the body along vibratory lines connecting levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and other resonating systems. It stimulates neural pathways and leads to free movement and inter-being sensory consciousness. This results in greater movement and artistic capabilities, pitch restoration and more orchestrated embodiment, derived from accuracy as opposed to effort.