Miami Beach Visual Arts

Nocturne at Faena Theater

Nocturne at Faena TheaterFriday, March 22, 11pm-4am – Faena Theater, 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Showcase your creativity and step into the fantastical world of Nocturne, a new late-night, performance art-driven dance party at Faena Theater. Kicking off on March 22, this three-month series will transport guests to alternate universes centered around a colorful theme that will inspire the night’s costumes, soundtrack, performances and cocktails.

Nocturne will also feature live DJ sets and musical acts by local artists set to heart-pounding beats and striking vocals. Performances will bur the lines between audience and artist with an impressive lineup of burlesque dancers, aerialists, acrobats, musicians and more, all of whom will join together to create a unique experience that’s part cirque nouveau, part dance rave and part Miami Beach nightclub.

With participation and creative expression at its core, Nocturne invites party-goers to dress in theme with each event, engage with performers, and share this one-of-a-kind experience with one another.

Nocturne at Faena Theater kicks off with a House of Dolls theme on March 22, where marionettes, puppet masters and porcelain dolls will be brought to life in a theatrical dollhouse. Participants are encouraged to dress in theme, drawing inspiration from their wildest imagination for traditional puppets and puppeteers, voodoo dolls, Barbies, and any other costumes they can dream up. #Nocturne @faena