Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

The Art of Blo

The Art of BloWednesday, January 25, 7pm – Blo, 3301 NE 1st Avenue, Miami Midtown

The new “Blo – Blow Dry Bar” in Midtown, Miami, will showcase an amazing artist at their new location. Mindy Linkous is an artist that is truly bringing to her art the classics stars of past. Using a unique style, she has recreated some our most beloved icons such as, Jackie Gleason & Frank Sinatra having a conversation at a dinner table, most likely after a successful event of their own, another great piece is Keith Richards at a kitchen table working on some new material and enjoying some downtime, the creation of these pieces, truly gives you a glimpse into a time and a place where most anybody would’ve payed big money to join them at that very moment. Join for an evening of complimentary: coifs, blo-tinis.