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CARABOOM The Greatest Carwashow on Earth

CARABOOM The Greatest Carwashow on EarthMarch 31 – April 10, Thursday – Sunday 7pm & 9pm, MDC Wolfson Campus, Lot 1, 233 NE 5th St, Miami

Live Arts Miami presented “CARABOOM The Greatest Carwashow on Earth.” Imagine a car wash where no cars are washed. CARABOOM is a genre-defying spectacle of silliness and physical poetry, following the trials and triumphs of the Caraboom Family. Foam cannons, bubble machines and human water fountains immersed participants and passengers in a splash filled adventure while the Family tries its very best to keep it together! There were honking concertos, microfiber dancing, and catharsis for everybody.

CARABOOM tells the story of: A loopy family opens a car wash in a pandemic. They are clueless, genius and a bit idiotic, tasked to erase the past and reframe it. To handle the flow coming, they conform to kooky timing, ruled by whistles whistling, who control their states of being. They clean or pretend to, entertain to distract you, while family impromptus happen all around you. They daydream plots, burst into numbers, and live in a world, a whole lot, like ours. They planned an intermission. The intermission is probably, The Show.

Great for all ages, CARABOOM  was a sensational playscape for togethering and catharsis. Attendees had a chance to engage in the Boom Zone, which offered a global view of the performances, a Splash Zone for the more adventurous, or a VIP experience where individual performances were tailored to each car.

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