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FORTE – Forever Fit Coming to South Florida

FORTË - Forever Fit Coming to South FloridaFriday, June 2, FORTË streams live and on-demand

Forte, a tech company that provides a subscription based fitness streaming platform, traveled to south Florida last week to partner with Miami fitness dance studio Powerumba. Forte installs hardware and software for boutique fitness studio classes across America to stream directly to the company’s Netflix-style platform. FORTE subscribers are able to attend fitness classes by watching them remotely either through a live broadcast or on-demand. Nine of Powerumba’s classes offered per week will be added to the subscription-based digital platform’s array of recorded boutique fitness classes. At Powerumba, participants work up to performing complete choreographies from the foundation of various music genres, including salsa, reggaeton and merengue.

Lauren Foundos, CEO of Forte, said the company installs three to six cameras in each studio, which are automatically set to record each class when it is scheduled to begin. This takes away the need for human camera operators to broadcast each class. “We have broadcasts going all day, every day from coast to coast with nobody operating anything,” she said.

Forte offers a variety of boutique fitness classes to stream including Barre, boxing, running and meditation. Dancing and spinning classes will be offered in coming weeks. “We don’t have anything like [the dance classes offered in Miami] in New York so we’re very excited to be down here,” Foundos said.

FORTË - Forever Fit Coming to South Florida Foundos founded the company in May 2015 after discovering that boutique fitness classes were an effective way to connect with clients while she traded bonds on Wall Street. Her lifelong passion for fitness and interest in the popularity of streaming inspired the creation of FORTE, Foundos said.

Forte has already partnered with companies such as Exhale, Aerospace and Flex Studios. However, the partnership with Powerumba brings Forte to the southeast region of the U.S. for the first time. “We’re partnering with these great companies and we build the technology,” Foundos said. “Together we make great partnerships with these studios because they focus on what they’re amazing at and we focus on how to keep improving that experience of technology.”

Foundos says that participating in FORTE is a unique experience that uses the convenience of modern technology to connect people through fitness. “These mobile devices and TVs are always there, so being able to take advantage of that and watch a great class… If you make a reservation, you’re being cheered on and now you’re a part of a community,” she said

Forte subscribers have expressed to Foundos that they feel like a part of their studio community regardless of where they stream from, and have confidence when they visit studios in person. “It’s so fun to hear how excited users are when they come to New York City and visit the studios because they can’t wait to meet the instructors and tell people in the class how much better they’ve gotten,” Foundos said.

All Forte streams are unedited and true to the experience anyone would typically have in a boutique fitness class, Foundos said. “We don’t want a perfect, flawless stream because that’s not what you would see if you were there,” she said.

Forte is also in development to integrate wearables such as Apple watches and Fitbits so that subscribers’ heart rates can be monitored during workouts, and so that users can participate in a heart rate leaderboard. “We want to able to use data in a way that we can make it interesting to people and keep people motivated,” Foundos said.

Monthly subscriptions to FORTE are $39 and annual subscriptions are $288. Users can go to to sign up. #Fitness #WorkoutAnywhere #LiveStream #BoutiqueFitness @FORTE_FlT

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