Miami Beach Visual Arts

‘Introducing Emilia’ A Cuban American Story

'Introducing Emilia' A Cuban American StoryWednesday, August 30, 6pm-9pm – Washington Park Hotel, 1050 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Join EMILIA PRODUCTIONS, LLC for the exclusive scene select showcase event on Wednesday, August 30th at the Washington Park Hotel on South Beach. Awaken the story of the birth of the Cuban Flag and Coat of Arms made in New York in 1850. EMILIA is a labor of love by notable filmmaker Luis Perez-Tolon. ‘Introducing Emilia‘ will feature special vignettes selected by Luis Perez-Tolon to give a glimpse of his personal journey to unravel the story of his ancestors; and how Emilia’s descendants in Cuba and Miami struggle to understand their own story of exile, family separation and reunification. Tickets are $25 per person.