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The Great Rum Challenge

The Great Rum ChallengeTuesday, April 17, 7-9pm – Deauville Resort Le Jardin, 6701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

The Great Rum Challenge of 2012, one of the fabulous VIP events held at the annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival gathered many contenders testing their skills as a rum judges and their knowledge of rums with several unique challenges:
Guess That Rum – Testing displayed samples of eight great rums of the Caribbean. If correctly matched each spirit in this blind tasting challenge with the proper product, contestants are move on to round two, one step closer to the ultimate prize.
Great Rum Challenge Finalists – Rum enthusiasts who best navigate their way through the first rum tasting challenge will be entered into the Great Rum Challenge finals. One premium rum sample will be served to each finalist, who must identify that specific rum. This sudden death round continues until one single participant is crowned.
The winner received a prize package of eight great rums and bragging rights as the winner of the 2012 Great Rum Challenge. Also was awarded with two all-access passes to VIP events at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and is invited to join the RumXPs (members of the International Rum Expert Panel) as a guest judge in their esteemed rum tasting competition.