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Vivian Weyll’s Eco-Friendly Diamonds Help To Save the Planet

Vivian WeyllJoie de Viv offers an environmentally friendly and beautiful selection of fine jewelry. @viweyll @joiedevivjewelry 

Sustainability is defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources to keep an ecological balance, so that society’s quality of life doesn’t decrease.

There are sustainability movements afoot in the economy, society, and the environment. Though we may not have thought of jewelry as sustainable, change is taking place even in the jewelry industry. “The slow and sustainable fashion movement doesn’t just apply to clothing. It’s just as relevant where jewelry is concerned,” says Miami-based designer Vivian Weyll. Weyll’s line of affordable fine jewelry, Joie de Viv, features ethical lab-grown diamonds and recycled 18K gold in modern, feminine designs.

⁣Joie de Viv Aurora Diamond BraceletEach piece is meticulously made to order. “Women don’t mind waiting weeks or even months to receive their made-to-order pieces,” says Weyll. “That’s because they understand that quality isn’t ‘fast’ and true style is sustainable and timeless. They are also turning away from mined diamonds in favor of more eco-friendly and socially responsible (not to mention less costly) sparklers.”

Joie de Viv’s selection of certified, lab grown diamonds, precious stones, and metals are free of harm to the environment. Joie de Viv has gone to great lengths to guarantee that they’re not only conflict-free, but that their suppliers adhere to internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards. 

By utilizing solar technology as a means of re-creating nature’s diamond making process, Joie de Viv’s diamonds require significantly less energy than extracting them from the earth via industrial mining practices. Therefore the energy used to create these brilliant stones is completely renewable.

Precious metals are a naturally renewable resource as well, which can be reclaimed repeatedly without degradation in quality. Joie de Viv uses reclaimed metals to decrease the global demand for newly mined gold, reducing environmentally and socially destructive effects of dirty gold and other metal mining practices such as water pollution, poor safety standards for miners, inhumane labor practices, and rights violations. 

⁣Joie de Viv Olivia Bridged Diamond RingJoie de Viv pieces are designed to be worn every day. By using sustainable practices, Joie De Viv offers beautiful, high-quality jewelry at a fraction of the price, with prices ranging from $415 to $1,330. Most jewelry costs account for sales commissions, retail markups, excess assortment, production markups, and more, with customers paying up to 12 times the initial cost by the time they purchase a piece of jewelry.  Joie de Viv eliminates the middleman by handling everything from design to manufacturing, avoiding the inevitable markups and passing on the savings to their customers. 

Are Joie de Viv diamonds real diamonds with all the physical features of real diamonds (explain)?

Our diamonds are in fact real diamonds, just created in a controlled environment. They’re physically, optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds. 

How are your diamonds better for both the people and the planet?

Since they’re made in a controlled and regulated environment, that doesn’t rely on child, slave labor or dirty mining practices that pollute the earth and destroy communities and ecosystems, they are essentially better for people and the planet.

You currently have five style collections. Briefly describe each collection—for example, it sounds as if “Aurora” is for fashionistas?

Our collections are Aurora, Gabriela, Amélie, Florence and Olivia. The Aurora collection is absolutely for the fashion-forward woman who loves the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to get after it to reach her goals! 

The Florence collection is all about nature and a celebration of natural beauty. It speaks love and compassion for all things and truly speaks to finding inner beauty within everything and everyone. The Olivia collection is centered on circular forms that capture the idea of coming full-circle. It celebrates life’s challenges and journeys and signifies a bright future ahead.

Joie de Viv Amélie Diamond Hoop EarringsSome of Weyll’s favorite picks are all named for women who have been an inspiration to her in her life.  Weyll says, “I believe that what makes a piece of jewelry precious are the personal stories and intentions the wearer associates with each piece. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty comes from what each piece represents for you.”

Some examples of the pieces in Joie de Viv collections are:

  • The “Amelie” hoops – An unexpected, fluid, whimsical look
  • The “Olivia” bridge diamond ring – A modern “crown” for your fingers
  • The “Gabriela” necklace – A simple sparkler piece for every day
  • The “Aurora” bracelet – A row of hand-set diamonds in graduated sizes that sits gracefully on any wrist
  • The “Gabriela” apex ring – A solid stone-free statement piece to be worn alone or stacked to suit your fancy.

You say that at Joie de Viv you’re questioning the “old ways.” Can you tell us what you mean by the “old ways” and what are some of the “new” changes you’re embracing?

The old ways of doing things from jewelry perspective is all about offering premium products (18K gold, top quality diamonds and great craftsmanship) at premium prices. At Joie, we questioned these outdated ways by disrupting the way legacy jewelers offer their products to customers. We’ve adopted a direct-to-consumer model that thrives on rock-bottom pricing and top quality materials and craftsmanship that’s second to none.

⁣Joie de Viv Gabriela Diamond NecklaceAt Joie De Viv, you’re all about ethically grown diamonds that are 100% traceable. Can you tell us how you trace your diamonds? What guarantees do you have that they’re ethically grown?

We work very closely with our suppliers and also visit their facilities to ensure that they are living up to our mission and raison d’être.

How do you make certified premium quality lab grown diamonds?

Using extremely controlled conditions, we’re able to obtain the quality we’re looking (and known) for.

How do you insure that your diamonds are conflict-free?

Since they’re created in lab and not mined from the earth, we’re able to eliminate the possibility that people died at mining sites just so we could wear them. There really is a sad and unjustifiable cost to wearing mined diamonds that so many people are still clueless about. We hope to make a difference even if it’s a small one for now. For us, there’s nothing more beautiful than doing right by people and the planet. 

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