Happy Hour

Ladies Night at Camp Ricochet Tuesday

Ladies Night at Camp Ricochet TuesdayTueasday, May 22, 8pm – Ricochet Bar/Lounge, 3250 Buenavista Blvd. #124, Midtown Miami

Trivia & Free Pizza Hosted by Gui Jarochy 9pm-11pm, Music Videos and Summer Camp Themed Movie Mash-Ups Courtesy of DJ Chris Video, Casey Zap & the estimable Stephen Tate will be orchestrating the chaos while standing around drinking and talking shit with y’all… Ladies of Sleep-Away Camp and Drink Free from 10pm-1am. For The Boys (and hardcore chicks) of Camp Cuckoomiami: PBR + SHOT of Gentleman Jack $6, For All Jell-O Shots provided with love by Nicole Doran. Oh yeah and If you dress up in a camp related costume or want to lead a round of drunken sing-a-longs you’ll get a chance to get wasted for free. Camp Counselor Justin Long aka Cap N Ron will be Presiding over the Beer Pong contest for which the winner will get Nothing except inebriated.