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Cocktail Reception Featuring The Photography of Guy Le Baube at Villa Azur

Cocktail Reception Featuring The Photography of Guy Le Baube at Villa AzurThursday, June 21, 7pm – Villa Azur Restaurant & Lounge, 309 23rd Street, Miami Beach

Villa Azur together with Avant Gallery will be hosting a cocktail reception with passed hors’ d’oeuvres, wine and champagne to celebrate the installation of “The Photography of Guy Le Baube,” which will be on display for a month at Villa Azur. Guy Le Baube’s visual journey is both unique and courageous. with his will to go against the flow and never to duplicate what others do; to keep an intuitive and insinuated distance from his subjects and to be willing to actually seek that space in which imperfection and spontaneity create beauty and not the contrary. The essence and the esthetics of Guy’s work are intimately combined in the moment. He makes use of a substantial creative palette, which includes the manner in which he seizes and interprets that moment, his choice of black and white or color, his delicate use of a touch of “Manraysian” surrealism, or his subtle mix of classicism and modernism that often results in an iconic image. Humor and tenderness are forever present in his work and he creates a lightness, which finds itself in contrast to his steady will to find beauty and emotion where it is concealed in imperfection and the unexpected. This subtle dosage of creative factors produces the unique look that is seen in every one of Guy Le Baube’s images and each one of his photographs.

RSVP: [email protected] or 305-763-8688

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