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Miami TechMeetups: How to Raise Startup Capital

Miami TechMeetups: How to Raise Startup CapitalWednesday, July 18, 6:30-9:30pm – 600 Brickell Building, Conference Room 14th Floor, 600 Brickell Avenue, Miami Brickell

Miami TechMeetups will be inviting a great line up of startup funding experts, investors, incubators, and startup owners to give us more insight into startup funding sources including crowdfunding, venture capital, grants, and raising money through such platforms like Kickstarter. Remember that funding is just a tool; it is not the end game. The decision of taking your startup from an early-stage friends and family round, to getting venture-backed or outside investors changes everything. How do you decide when you’re ready to seek investment? How do you make the most of your time with prospective investors? What can you do to start preparing for the transition? How can you work most effectively with the new board members joining your startup?When is the time to start thinking about raising funds?  The event is free with pre-registration or $10 at the door.