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Salon Allure Featuring Beloved Star

Priya ScrogginsBeloved Star Collections has finally made it’s much anticipated début into the fashion scene. Inspired by her global travels, its designer Priya Scroggins has launched unique and exquisite Indian inspired pieces like tunics and kaftans for the summer 2012. We sat down with Priya Scroggins to discuss her swimwear collection and what’s behind her lavish and elaborate pieces.

What would you say is unique and different about your collection?
I would definitely say that vastness of color, the price point, the attention to detail with the embroidery, the fine fabrics, the silk, the viscose and the Indian cotton. The fact that I have all my things sourced and made in India and I also handpick all my fabrics.

Is there certain colors, fabrics or patterns that inspire you?
Colors! I love Colors, many different shades of color. As you can see with the collection, color is not missed at all. I like to use silks because it feels so wonderful against your body and when you’re wearing something as glamorous as these cover ups, it just flows beautifully in the wind and they are very airy.

How do you prepare for a fashion show?
Honestly, I don’t think there is a way you can prepare for a fashion show other than choosing great models that know how to walk, having an idea of how you want it to be styled, and having great styles that work and flow in the runway.

What fashion designers would you consider to be of great influence & that you look up to?
I would say definitely any woman of color that has transcended like Ranjana khan and Camila which are great designers as well. I think anybody who has transcended the “lines of fashion” and made a success out of there line and made it mainstream. It takes a lot to do that and to see that there are women out there making it happen is inspiring.

Do you prefer sketching designs or constructing them?
Constructing and actually physically going to India to give all the creative direction. I feel like with sketches things can go wrong a lot more than if you actually go there and give creative direction and figure out what style you want with each fabric.

What would you consider this to be your greatest accomplishment?
I have to say starting Beloved star. To me this line is going to bridge a lot of cultures. Kaftans are typically Muslim but now we westernized them to make them not just something for a Muslim woman but for any woman who wants to be glamorous. Now it’s a glamorous thing to wear. It’s been such a journey with this line and I really want to see it succeed. I want people to love it.

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