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The Revivalists Performance with Bachaco at the Stage

The Revivalists Performance with Bachaco at the StageFriday, July 27, 10pm – The Stage, 170 Northeast 38th Street, Miami Design District

The Stage presents The Revivalists, a southern indie rock band originally from New Orléans, Louisiana. Greatly influenced by the New Orléans jazz and blues vibe, The Revivalists can definitely put on a live show. From the very first note to the very last tune they brought a funk and indie vibe into this downtown Miami bar scene that has never been experienced before. The excitement and expectancy filled the air. As the band began to play, everyone spontaneously gathered around as the audience responded positively to the surrounding sounds.
Their music puts an unusual yet original twist to what many consider it to be Rock and roll. They are a departure from other rock bands because of a mixture of influences that ranges from southern New Orléans jazz to rock, folk and vibrant funk. From the beginning of the performance, they managed to captivate the audience and keep them engaged. The set of arrangements, lyrics and melodies are well constructed together and speeds up in tempo and slows down to get the vibe going. From the saxophone to the drums and guitar, each note comes together almost seductively. They don’t just play music; they make art with sound and emotions.
The Revivalists is a unique band in their form of style and personality that each member brings to the band. The best part of their performance is that they actually sound phenomenal when playing live. A factor that stands out from this band is the genuine passion and almost religious experience that they have when rocking out in front of an audience. You can sense it and it is quite evident that from the audience’s reaction, this band will be heard and talked about for quite a while. So, if you’re in town and want a taste of a Jambalaya pot of Rock and Roll check out The Revivalists. For more information on The Revivalists and their music check out their website, Facebook page, or follow them on twitter at @therevivalists.