Monumental: Flags, Statues, and the Politics of Public SpaceTuesday, August 18, 4pm-6pm – Online

The Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment is pleased to present “Monumental: Flags, Statues, and the Politics of Public Space.” In “Monumental,” scholars, photographers, activists, and museum curators come together to challenge viewers to think critically about public space and to inspire new ways forward. The conversation considers confederate and colonial names, flags, monuments and statues in the United States, as well as similar symbols in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and across the Caribbean.

Join Ana Lucia Araujo (Howard), Wallace Best (Princeton), Alan Chin (Columbia), Alison Isenberg (Princeton), Andrea Queeley (FIU), Jen Reid (Protestor), Heather Russell (FIU), Alvia Wardlaw (Texas Southern), and Aza Weir-Soley (FIU) for a series of short presentations and performances that capture the animating questions of our moment. 
Free and open to the public in any time zone.