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Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Opening

Brother Jimmy's BBQ OpeningMonday, August 13 – Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, 900 S. Miami Avenue, Suite 135, Miami Brickell

After two decades-plus of filling New Yorkers with delicious smoked meats and enough fishbowls to start a county fair if they could just round up some ping pong balls, Brother Jimmy’s has left a trail of BBQ sauce all the way down Highway 1 en route to Miami. They promise everything’s going to be at least 25% cheaper than what they’ve tricked those silly New Yorkers into paying, including soaked brisket quesadillas, rib tips, catfish po’ boys, burgers loaded with BBQ sauce & onion straws, “wet” rib platters, fried chicken, and boiled crawfish. Draft and bottled suds are there in force, but it’s really all about $5 shooters like Picklebacks – Irish whiskey with a pickle juice chaser, and the headliners 2.5 gallons of “high octane” Trashcan Punch you ladle into mason jars, and their famed 64oz Swamp Water fishbowl filled with infinity straws, way more vodka than anyone needs, and a plastic alligator, which will fill New Yorkers with fear whenever they even start down Highway 1.