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Holstein’s Miami Headquarters Spice Up The Housewares Industry

Holstein’s Miami Headquarters Spice Up The Housewares IndustryAs Diego Valera rushes around his office daily, taking client phone calls, having business meetings with top executives, and writing e-mails; 60-feet away in an office surrounded by magazine articles, color templates, product images, and a team of designers, Vanessa Valera-Nolte finds herself unable to sit still. But they say they couldn’t be happier.
Most 20-something-year-olds are still trying to choose a career path; nevertheless, the Valera children are unlike others. These University of Miami alumni have not only made their choice, but are already the “it” young executives of the housewares industry.
Thanks to the continuous effort, dedication, and devotion to steer his two kids in the right direction, successful entrepreneur, Jose Luis Valera, 58, enjoys the pleasure of watching Vanessa, 28, and Diego, 27, take charge of their colorful and booming brand, Holstein Housewares.
Their two different personalities spark up the office and motivate employees to fall in love with the company. Their creation is filling in a gap in the industry for fashion-forward, high-quality and affordable products. They launched the brand in 2007 and have grown significantly since then, selling now to over 15 countries!
The combination of Vanessa and Diego has led to the foundation of a company where every other employee feels as part of the family. As an International Holstein ambassador said: “It feels good to leave home to come to our Holstein home. I just love it here.”
Their energy, enthusiasm and motivation are rarely found nowadays in young executives. Watch out for the Valeras, the family that is going to “give your kitchen the Holstein touch!”