Launch Event Miami-Dade County

6th Annual Guava Rugelach Music Festival

Guava Rugelach Music Festival KickoffSeptember 1 & 2, Next@19th, 137 N.E. 19th Street, Miami

Guava Rugelach Music Festival presented by Next@19th features the melodic mixture of Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) songs mingled with Flamenco; pop songs of the 20’s; Klezmer for kids and Klezmer jamming with Latin beats; classical gems; and a fusion of Jewish biblical history and spirituals of the South. A new two-stage format will keep the music flowing. The Saturday night kick-off at 9 p.m. offers Sephardic singer Susana Behar, Flamenco guitarist Jose Luis Rodriguez and Nu Flamenco dancer Niurca Marquez. On Sunday the music begins at 1 p.m with Klezmer for Kids and continues throughout the day. Festival tickets are $45 ($36 for advance purchase); tickets for Saturday night or Sunday are $25 ($18 in advance); Klezmer for Kids $10; lap sitters under 2 are free.