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Empty Event Miami

Empty Event MiamiThursday, September 17, 7pm-9pm – North Beach Band Shell, 7275 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

The North Beach Band Shell, Warren Moore Events, & your local South Florida Vendors, will host the “Empty Event Miami” to showcase and support the Live Events Industry. We will be setting up a full event representing the 12-million Industry Professionals that are currently unemployed. Please save the date, watch, and follow for more details!
Your support is needed. We were the first ones closed, and will be the last ones to reopen. We are behind the scenes making things happen when no one is around. We are up at 3am, with a smile, so that your guests are wowed! We would do it again, and again! We produce memories.

On March 10th, the Live Events Industry was shut down by the #COVID-19 #pandemic and currently, we are still closed. We are now going on 8 months of unemployment for the United State’s 4th largest employer in labor, by industry. We contribute $1.2 Trillion to the Global Economy. Every day a coronavirus relief package is not passed the greater our industry suffers. Our businesses, our employees and contractors, our vendors and suppliers, our families and our economy.

It is urgent that congress come together to finalize a relief package for our families and small businesses. Enhanced federal unemployment benefits have been the only lifeline for our successful industry’s vast number of middle class families to survive this great loss of income. Our small businesses, unable to function due to state and local health mandates, have seen revenue drop upwards of 90 to 100% for the last 20 plus weeks, with only 8 weeks of the paycheck protection program to soften the blow. Many of us exhausted those funds weeks ago.

#Congress, your vow of leadership and service to the American people is needed now more than ever. The future of more than 12 million professionals in the live events industry, is counting on you. #WishIWasThere