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Changing Seas Live Presents Hurricane Dorian Discussion

Changing Seas Live Presents Hurricane Dorian DiscussionWednesday, September 30, 6pm-8pm – Online

In September 2019, powerful Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Abaco and Grand Bahama islands as a Category 5 storm. It is estimated that several hundred people lost their lives in the tragic disaster, and the hurricane’s maximum sustained 185 miles per hour winds and associated storm surge caused catastrophic damage on land. The storm also affected nearshore habitats like coral reefs and seagrass beds.

Join us as we chat with experts Craig Dahlgren, Ph.D. and Krista Sherman, Ph.D. from the Perry Institute for Marine Science, Charlotte Dunn, Ph.D. and Diane Claridge, Ph.D. with the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation and Cha Boyce with Friends of the Environment about Dorian’s impact on the marine environment. Co-hosted by South Florida PBS and ANGARI Foundation.