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The Mid-Autumn Festival Reception Honoring Confucius

Julia Yarbough at TIKL Raw Bar & Grill Grand Opening Happy Hour BashSunday, September 23, 3–5pm - FIU North Campus, Wolfe University Center Ballroom, 3000 N.E. 151st Street, North Miami

The South Florida Shandong Association has announced that multiple Emmy Award-winning broadcast and print journalist Julia Yarbough will emcee The MId-Autumn Reception Honoring Confucius. The South Florida Shandong Association is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing economic, cultural and social ties between South Florida and one of China’s top economic, social and cultural regions, Shandong Province. Yarbough, who has brought South Florida the nightly news for more than a decade as a news anchor on South Florida’s NBC and Fox affiliates, will be on center stage for one of South Florida’s premier international events whose goal is to strengthen links between South Florida and China. The MId-Autumn Reception Honoring Confucius will honor one of the world’s most important historic people: thinker, politician, educator and scholar Kong Zi, aka Confucius. Born in 551 BC, in Qufu, Shandong Province, China, Confucius is known for his development of the concept of Confucianism (“Ru Jia”) which focuses upon cultivating kindness, courteousness, benevolent rule and personal responsibility as the basis for society. Confucius’ concepts and body of work has had an enormous influence on the development of philosophy, civilian and governmental structure, religious institutions and even the military. In recent years his ideas on how to achieve a harmonious and just society have had a surge in global interest. Mid-Autumn is a traditional time for family gatherings in China, and thus a good time for the South Florida family to join together and enjoy delicious chinese mooncake and celebrate the life, work and ideas of Confucius. The public is invited to join the Chinese consulate general, area public officials and representatives of Chinese associations for the event. For more info contact Adrian Anderson at 786-547-2499.