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Enrumbate Miami

Enrumbate Miami Friday, September 28, 10pm-5am – LMNT, 59 NW 36th Street, Miami Midtown

As many Colombians in South Florida, we grew tired of the “Colombian” and Latin venues in our area, some of them are too far, others claim to be exclusive just to make you wait for hours to be crammed, shoved and then charged ridiculous prices and some are just plain awful and tasteless. So with that in mind and since we are witty professionals, we envisioned a comfortable, affordable place with a nifty party vibe where you can socialize, drink, eat, dance the night away and just have plain true fun. We then decided to come up with the concept of an exclusive monthly party celebrating our culture, music and art with a twist of the latest beats and sounds and a creative live show. After months of solid research, brainstorming, taking into consideration opinions and suggestions from experienced club promoters, people in the biz, friends, family, contacts and combined with our professional experience and ingenuity, EnrumbateMiami was born. LMNT is a state of the art luxury venue in the heart of Miami Midtown, offering an indoor and outdoor space designed to keep everybody cheerful and comfortable, with live music and performance, top DJ, art exhibit and of course the lowest prices in the area for bottle service, cocktails and traditional appetizers not to mention excellent service and the Coolest and Classiest atmosphere around.