Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

A Glorious Spectrum-Contemporary Art Collages by Robert Swedroe

Thursday, October 11, 5-7pm РSardi̱as Gallery at St. Thomas University, 16401 NW 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens

Join a cocktail reception to meet the artist, Contemporary Art Collages by Robert Swedroe. Architect and artist Robert Swedroe’s collages are a visual feast of dazzling colors and intriguing compositions. Studded with three dimensional bits and pieces from semi-precious jewels to butterflies, they reflect his boundless imagination. An acclaimed Florida architect, he originally worked as a senior design architect for the famed Morris Lapidus. Concurrently, he crafted mesmerizing eye-catching collages. After a 33 year hiatus from his art and with revitalized passion he began producing intricate, brilliantly colored collages. He also experimented with new materials, original themes, and striking finishes.Working in themed series, Swedroe explores all possibility to achieve a perfect balance of elements. Swedroe’s series fall into six categories: Narrative, or story telling; Cyber, referring to his architectural proclivity; Celestial, comprised of circles; Tube, images from art catalogs; Container, evolved from shipping containers; and Reflection, from designers’ steel, mirror and glass samples. Although his creations have elevated to a new dimension, a subliminal sense of seeing a building in a collage is sometimes still imparted to the viewer. Indeed there is architecture in his art just as there is art in his architecture. Roberta Klein, Architectural Writer Gail Casale, Gallery Director Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Main Library.