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“Secluded” Photo Exhibit by Jipsy

"Secluded" Photo Exhibit by JipsySaturday, October 13, 7-11pm – The Workshop, 171 NW 23rd Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Over the past seven-plus years of documenting Miami’s nascent cultural underground, one-named photographer Jipsy has blown past the pack of typical nightclub snappers and evolved into a proper artiste. This new solo show documents the faces, places, and events that have helped shape the new Miami. The body of work conveys this sequence of events, portraying the life of a woman growing deeper into a state of despair. The imagery is dark, insinuating themes of murder, anguish and loss of identity. The ambiguity of the pieces leaves the observer questioning the woman’s current state-of-mind, motives and intentions. Naturally, for a show that will probably attract more than a few nightcrawlers, there are free cocktails, this time around courtesy of Mandarine Napoléon.