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Intimate Event with Cesar Millan to Benefit Pets’ Trust Miami

Intimate Event with Cesar Millan to Benefit Pets' Trust Miami Monday, October 15, 7:30pm – 101 Exhibit, 101 NE 40th Street, Miami Design District

Nat Geo Mundo presents El Líder de la Manada, the first series ever to air in the U.S. featuring famed Dog Whisperer César Millán speaking in his native Spanish language.  In this new series, César travels half way around the globe to Spain where, each year, 100,000 dogs are left abandoned, with nearly 50 put to sleep every day. Working to nurture and revitalize abandoned dogs while also finding them a permanent home, the show’s premise is a dream for César as he is able to exert his passion for the adoption of dogs and educate others on the canine recovery process.
During each of the10 one-hour episodes, starting Tuesday, October 2nd at 9PM ET/PT, César works with three pet adoption candidates and one dog. These canines have serious behavioral problems in dire need of rehabilitation on order to make them fit for adoption. César works with each dog, applying his know-how and expertise to find the perfect match between the dogs and their potential owners.  But working with the dogs is only step one – next is working with the owners, finding out who would be the best “Leader of the Pack.”  With candidates ranging from those with their own chaotic home lives to those with certain physical or emotional conditions or even celebrities with unique personalities, they are all in need of discipline and guidance, much like those of their potential pets!
The greatest challenge is of course matching the owner to the dog – the animals carry the scars of a difficult and cruel past, but César Millán knows best how to choose the perfect person to raise the dog. Join Nat Geo Mundo and travel with César as he works with these canines molding them to be the perfect additions to their new adopted families. A minimum donation of $100 is required to attend, no payments at the door accepted.