Miami Beach

French Tuesday’ annual RED party by Grand Marnier

Tuesday, February 8, 8-11pm – De Rodriguez Ocean, 101 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

It only happens once a year – this is the FT party that will be etched in your memory! Because we all love to see La Vie en Rouge and the beautiful De Rodriguez Ocean, the Hilton Bentley Hotel will exclusively open its doors to French Tuesdays for an evening in RED…

We have plenty of tricks up our sleeves, all you have to do is come and watch the show unfold while sipping on the exquisite Grand Marnier cocktails and shots!

And because you claimed their comeback for a while, we are very excited to announce the presence of the one and only Gilles Amsallem, co-founder of French Tuesdays, and the energetic vibes of the king of entertainment Ricardo Lopez, for this unique and unforgettable event!