Miami Beach Tasting Event

The House of Walker Tasting Events at Temple House

The House of Walker Tasting Events at Temple HouseNovember 7 – 10,  The Temple House, 1415 Euclid Avenue, Miami Beach

Whisky is for guys who choose their own path in life, but absolutely no guy has ever chosen a path that leads to an auditorium where a boring blowhard lectures him on whisky. Presenting a different kind of whisky experience: the new House of Walker, a self-guided tour through the Art Deco expanse of the Temple House from Wednesday, November 7th to Saturday, November 10th. Your night will involve rooms inspired by the many labels of the Walker family, totally immersing you in the Johnnie Walker lifestyle, without dunking you in a barrel. As a special guest, you’ll spend the evening sipping world-renowned Johnnie Walker whiskies, make yourself at home in custom sampling lounges, and enjoy the amenities of iconic private venues.