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Miami Heat Opens Hyde Nightclub in American Airlines Arena

Miami Heat Opens Hyde Nightclub in American Airlines ArenaTuesday, October 30, Hyde Lounge at American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

The Dolphins have LIV at Sunlife Stadium, the Marlins have Clevelander at their new park, and now the Heat gets in on the in-stadium nightclub craze and is opening a new Hyde Lounge inside American Airlines Arena. The Heat has partnered with Sam Nazarian of SBE Entertainment Group to open the venue, and Hyde will be inside the arena and open during games and events. Lounge features multiple bars, lounge areas, flat-screen televisions and a private dining room. Danny Elmaleh, executive chef at the Los Angeles-area restaurants Cleo and Mercato di Vetro, will help develop the menu at Hyde AmericanAirlines Arena, and a mixology team will create cocktails with ingredients such as red pepper, some prepared with liquid nitrogen. The 5,000 square foot, 200-person capacity club will have its own entrance. Admission would be free for game- and concert-goers, and patrons without event tickets would be charged a fee.