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Recent Cinema from Spain Miami 2012

Recent Cinema from Spain Film Series Opening Night

November 8 – 11, 7pm – Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 174 East Flagler Street, Miami

The four-day event  was held at the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts and showcased six of Spain’s most recognized films of the year. The kick off movie opening was screening of “I Want You” (Tengo Ganas De Ti) by director Fernando González Molina, and cast Mario Casas, Clara Lago and María Valverde. In this sequel to “Three Steps Above Heaven”, Hache is back in his native Spain following two years in London. After his best friend Pollo dies and his girlfriend Babi leaves, the young man struggles with loss until he meets Gin, a photographer, singer, dancer and all-around wild-child with whom he falls in love. Fernando González Molina is director of two of the biggest and most recent Spanish box office hits specifically, “I Want You” and  â€œThree Steps Above Heaven” a selection from last year’s Recent Cinema from Spain film series, both starring Spanish star Mario Casas and based on the cult novel of the same name by Federico Moccia. Both movies have crossed borders and broke records abroad in countries including Mexico and Russia. Following screening guests joined the Q&A discussion with Director Fernando Gonzalez Molina and a VIP reception.