"50 Shades of Art" Exhibition Artist Meet and Greet ReceptionsDecember 1 & 5, 6:30–11:30pm – 1004 Gallery and Boutique, 175 NW 23rd Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

The recently opened “1004 Gallery and Boutique” will be presenting the newest and most prestigious art show in the Americas, 50 Shades of Art on November 30th 2012 in Wynwood, Miami’s hottest and eclectic art design district. The exhibition will be showcasing works by the biggest pioneers and the hottest up and coming graffiti artists and street artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. The artists include: Cap, Cope2, Sero, T-Kid, Estria, Sen2, Teck, Secret 007, Rson, Indie184 and Lyne.
50 Shades of Art is an exhibition that sets the standards and raises the bar for graffiti, answers how graffiti itself has continued to thrive and evolve among the new and older generations of graffiti and street artists, and what it will now do to influence younger artists and the contemporary art market. 50 Shades of Art strives to present graffiti as a true form of art and in the process educates the viewer on the fundamentals of graffiti and street art and how and why it has integrated and influenced our modern culture. Furthermore, art critics and collectors alike will marvel at the shows extensive history of urban contemporary art and will witness the legends and the hottest artists behind the artworks.