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Nader Art Museum Latin America Presents Latin American Art – Visions of Identity

Nader Art Museum Latin America Presents Latin American Art - Visions of IdentityThursday, October 17, 7pm-10pm – Gary Nader Art Centre, 62 NE 27 ST, Miami Wynwood Arts District

The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase the statement of individual artistic approaches to produce works moved by the interest of constructing a self-image and a representation of identity. The position in which each artist behaves in the world as an individual, their views about art and the illustration of their cultural backgrounds, contrary to the perception of a homogenous cultural ethnicity recognized by the establishment.

The exhibition overviews the misrepresentation and stereotypes of Latin American art through the contribution of well-known artists such as Lam and Matta to the development and history of modern and contemporary art. When looking to the work and life of these artists and others within Latin America and beyond, absorbing influences from places where they have practiced their art while responding to the forces of the local art environment that makes their artistic discourse universal.

Latin American is vast and speaks multiple languages, each having a unique social and cultural backgrounds containing a diverse landscape and peoples. Any effort to understand diversity and identity must embrace such multidimensional multiplicity of experiences. On view at Nader Art Museum Latin America from October 18 through November 30, 2019.