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Beautiful 12.12.12 Extravaganza Event at the Miami Circle

Beautiful 12.12.12 Extravaganza Event at the Miami CircleWednesday, December 12, 9am-6pm – Miami Circle, 401 Brickell Avenue, Miami

Miami Extravaganza 12.12.12 is historic event which brings the powerful Crystal Skulls (never seen in Miami)  Mayan elders, spiritual leaders and worldwide experts speaking on important issues for today and the next millennium. All day speakers and performers will raise your vibration and change your life. Visit vendors selling crystals, crystal skulls, crystal bowls, jewelry, self-help books, healing modalities, healing sessions, aura readings, and much, much more. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls work lovingly with the Crystal Skulls. The bowls unlock and decode information and wisdom from the quantum field through the expression of sound so that the same can be received into the 3rd dimension.