In the Spotlight Miami Beach Philanthropy

12.12.12 Event with Mayan Priestess Flordemayo

12.12.12 Event with Mayan Priestess FlordemayoWednesday, December 12, 8pm-12am – Villa San Michele, 102 S Hibiscus Drive, Miami Beach

Michael Capponi hosted a very unique event at his residence,Villa San Michele on Hibiscus Island, to benefit La Luchi Foundation, a local 501(c) 3 charitable, non-profit, humanitarian organization. The foundation aims to provide resources for children that promote a healthy mind and body connection, better physical health and eco-awareness as a way of life, creating an experiential foundation in full conscious awakened living. Honorary guests included:
– Flordemayo, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmother and Mayan Priestess
– Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak
– Light Miller from India, teacher of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge
– Raymond Tarpey, an expert researcher on Edgar Cayce and ancient cultures
– Frank Joseph, foremost authority on Atlantis
– Jane Doherty, considered one of the top 20 psychics in the world, with her ancient crystal skull Maya
– Sherry Whitfield with the ancient crystal skull Synergy
– Don Diego Rosales, famous Mexican muralist with his collection of ancient crystal skulls
– Chris Morton and Ceri Thomas, producers of the documentary Mystery of the Crystal Skulls for BBC and authors of the book by the same name
– AwaHoshi Kavan from Bali and Lupito from Crystal Tones will provide crystal bowl music
– Jaap van Etten, famous author and researcher on crystal skulls
– Alan Steinfeld from NYC New Realities TV
This event was produced by Oracle Stone Productions and Satya Yuga Productions, a new division of Capponi Events that is devoted to creating event experiences that increase energy and connection. Building bridges with todays thought leaders, paradigm shifting speakers and world music that unites hearts and cultures. The Satya Yuga or Age of Truth is often thought of as the Golden Age of Man. During this age, goodness and high ideals rule supreme. Human intelligence and consciousness are at their peak.