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Dr. Etti’s Wellness Center & Miami Martial Arts Academy

Dr. Etti’s Wellness Center & Miami Martial Arts AcademyAfter developing a loyal following as the Juice Goddess, Dr. Etti is furthering her mission of healing families through a holistic approach with the opening of Dr. Etti’s Wellness Center & Miami Martial Arts Academy in November.

Together with her fiancé, Joseph Drabkin, a veteran in the martial arts industry and master instructor (who has trained secret service and FBI agents), the two are pioneering the first wellness center of its kind that tackles the collective wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul by merging the healing powers of healthy eating and martial arts.

“The synergy of true and proper nutrition, comprehensive exercise, and the discipline of a non-quitting spirit is what makes our program unique and incredibly effective for all generations,” says Master Drabkin.

The 3,900 square-foot haven that is centrally located at 6550 Collins Ave., Miami Beach encompasses 1,800 square feet of open-mat space created for a variety of empowering classes, ranging from mixed martial arts classes for children and adults, cardio kick-boxing and Tai Chi, to Dr. Etti’s dance movement and several yoga courses.

With more than 40 years of training in martial arts and as the owner of several highly successful academies in the North East, Master Drabkin teaches each class with a level of mastery that is new to South Florida. Additionally, each course is infused with his signature teachings of discipline and integrity, which he feels is a priceless lesson for children and parents.

The remaining 2,100 square feet houses three, state-of-the-art treatment rooms, designed to conduct healing therapies like lymphatic drainage, colonics and massages. One-on-one consultations with Dr. Etti are also available for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental health through programs like her highly effective juice detoxes, custom meal planning, and food delivery services.

Most importantly, Dr. Etti’s Wellness Center & Miami Martial Arts Academy truly is a place where the entire family can come together to grow and heal, both physically and spiritually. All children are expected to maintain a B average in school (A average for black belts) and adults are held to a no-quitting commitment.