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“All Grown Up” by Richard Vergez at Miami Ironside

"All Grown Up" by Richard Vergez at Miami IronsideSaturday, September 14, 7pm-10pm – Miami Ironside, 7600 NE 4th Court,  #101, Miami

In his solo exhibition, All Grown Up, Cuban-American artist Richard Vergez explores and dissects the perception of development: oscillating between the emotional, intellectual, and physical spaces in which growth occurs.

While creating this body of work, the artist posed the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In itself, the question exudes proverbial innocence and then at once can be transformed into contemplation of existentialist dread. The exhibition will be on view at Ironside until October 27th. Refreshments for the reception have been generously provided by Miami Club Sprits.