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Cirque Du Soleil Presents: TOTEM

Cirque Du Soleil Presents: TOTEMJanuary 10 – February 24, Sun Life Stadium, 347 Don Shula Drive, Miami Gardens

Two years in the making for this amazing show. The show highlights the journey of the human species. The show takes 2 years to prepare with 12 different designers including lights, performance, costumes, make-up, and music. The performers train for 8 months for the specific show.

The opening of the show is a huge turtle. The turtle skeleton weighs 2,700 lbs. (1,225 kg), includes 2 horizontal bars.   The performers use the structure of the turtle to perform high flying leaps and jumps that are simple breath taking. The acts include Devil Sticks- flamenco style music, Trapeze Duo – a high flying love story, Antipodism – crystal ladies coordinate high speed hands and feet spinning duo, Unicycles and Bowls – these cyclists manage to stay on their cycles which are 7 feet tall while tossing bowls onto their and each other’s heads, Russian Bars – acrobatics between rubber bars, and many more.

The images in the projections are drawn from nature and were shot for the production in various parts of the world, including Iceland for the boating scene, Hawaii and Guatemala.  The swimming scenes are coordinate with the lights and human projections so it appears like the performers are swimming.  The Scorpion Bridge serves as a mobile platform that moves to connect to the different scenes including the boat, Totem Pole and a rocket.  The bridge is similar to a retractable pedestrian bridge in London.  Its reflective surfaces are made of stainless steel that shines brightly.

The Cirque du Soleil handcrafts each costume.  Most of the costumes are hand painted and the crystals are hand sewn including the 4,500 crystals for the Crystal Man costume.  The masks include each individual hair is attached to the rubber mask in order to ensure it appears real. Each performer does their own make up which can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half to complete.  All performers are trained for 18 hours on how to do their makeup.

Everyone will enjoy the high flying acts and appreciate the artistry of the performers. The shows have more than 100 million spectators since Cirque du Soleil has started in 1984.  The performances evoke excitement and awe from the audience.


Cirque Du Soleil Presents: TOTEM Cirque Du Soleil Presents: TOTEMCirque Du Soleil Presents: TOTEM