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Girls: HBO’s Witty and Honest Portrayal of Young Women in NYC

Girls: HBO’s Witty and Honest Portrayal of Young Women in NYCWednesday, January 16,  7 pm-10 pm – Fifty Ultra Lounge in Viceroy Hotel, 485 Brickell Avenue, Miami Brickell

New York City it’s once again the chosen location for an edgy and bold TV series. After the end of the Sex and the City and Gossip Girl era, the slot for a sexy comedy-drama that focused on women and their relationships, was vastly opened. HBO, known for their openness towards controversial projects, could not stay away from a sassy, honest and realistic depiction of today’s young women in the city. Enter here Lena Dunham’s creative project: Girls. A series based on the struggles and journey of an aspiring writer, Hannah, and her eclectic group of friends in New York.

Reminiscing of Carrie or Serena and their crew? Well, think again. The hilarious and frank script, mostly written by Lena Dunham, shies away from the over abundance of fashion references and jet-setting trips, and puts everyday situations as the focal point of the show. Continuing with the openness towards controversial topics, such as about abortion, post-college graduation unemployment, and drug usage, the second season explores issues like sexual harassment, interracial relationships and health choices more in depth, which it’s one of the many reasons why Girls is the perfect fit for a sharp audience.

The characters feel real, relatable and current. Each one of the situations these women are put in, it’s one that anyone could have experienced regardless of socio-economic background, gender or sexual preferences. These Girls are faced with difficult decisions that give them the opportunity to grow, find themselves, and ultimately become who they want to be; however, what it’s most interesting about the show, it’s the candid and truthful manner in which the writers approach each one of the characters’ challenges.

As with every other series, fashion and style, play a huge part in the way the characters are represented. In Girls, these tools are used to illustrate their personalities, and captivate viewers through their distinct clothing preferences. Breaking away from the parade of designer shoes and Haute Couture clothing, this series seeks to evoke the everyday girl, who in trying to keep a budget, swivel towards vintage finds and DIY projects. The lead character, Hannah, a Girl who strives to set herself apart from the world, puts her own twist into her fashion. She is drawn to items that are combined from different pieces such as shorteralls (a.k.a rompers/onesies), which are shorts and a shirt together; skorts, which are shorts with a top fabric that resembles a skirt; and harfs, which are a hat and scarf all-in-one.

Shortly before the release of the 2nd season, HBO’s Girls won 2 Golden Globes: best TV Series- comedy or musical and best performance by an actress- comedy or musical for Lena Dunham. These awards meant, to this already acclaimed show, a well-deserved recognition from the entertainment industry; reinforced the public’s perception that Dunham’s writing, acting, directing and producing is thought-provoking, worthy of acknowledgement and purposeful; In addition, it granted Girls, a newcomer but well-crafted show, a place among heavy-runners like Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock.

HBO and Yelp, in partnership with Xfinity, celebrated the Premiere of Girls Season 2 with a private VIP screening at Fifty Ultra Lounge at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami. Guests enjoyed watching episodes 1 and 2, as well as, taking pictures in the HBO Girls Photo Booth, sipping on drinks and enjoying music.

Catch Girls on HBO Every Sunday at 9pm @GirlsHBO.
Photo Courtesy of HBO.

Girls: HBO’s Witty and Honest Portrayal of Young Women in NYC Girls: HBO’s Witty and Honest Portrayal of Young Women in NYC Girls: HBO’s Witty and Honest Portrayal of Young Women in NYC