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Urban Dare South Beach

Urban Dare South BeachSunday, February 17, 11am – Lummus Park, 8th Street & Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

For the poor poo-flecked passengers of the Carnival Triumph, their cruise from hell is finally over.  As they complete their race to shore, yours is just beginning… the Urban Dare South Beach in Lummus Park. This two-to-four hour course (depending on your skills) won’t have you racing around the world, but you will bolt around South Beach looking for clues and taking part in crazy dares. The race starts by asking your two-person team multiple choice trivia questions, allowing you to move into a designated area depending on your answer (the more you get right, the better your head start). From there, the two of you will use your clue sheets and hit up checkpoints either by walking, running, or opting for a South Beach shuttle cruiser. Each pit stop has either more grueling trivia or unruly dares ranging from climbing up a massive wall to eating something slimy and mysterious. Even if you don’t end up winning the $50 prize for best costume, you’ll walk away with a T-shirt and plenty of stories. The top five teams get free entry into Super Dare, a two-day challenge held in New Orleans in April, for the $5,000 grand prize. And a new appreciation for the obstacle course that is South Beach. Tickets are $90 per 2 person team and up.


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