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The Flat Brings Creative Cocktails to Miami Beach SoFi Area

The Flat Brings Creative Cocktails to Miami Beach’s SoFi AreaThursday, March 28, 7pm – The Flat, 500 South Pointe Dr., Miami Beach

The Flat, a piano bar / living-room type of cocktail lounge will offer cocktails created by Russian mixologist Egor Polonskiy and a small plates by Chef Giuseppe “Beppe” Galazzi. Business-women Barbara Zuccarelli and a legendary South Beach doorman, Cedric Adegnika will introduce the concept of the popular Parisian “verrine” to South Florida.

Verrines is a confection made by layering ingredients in a small glass. The Flat will be offering a combination of sweet and savory verrines; like guacamole, with zucchini, pine nuts, onions, and cream; or the garden layers eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, carrots, and asparagus; or sweet mix of fresh strawberries and mascarpone.

Flat’s drinks menu features over 40 creative cocktails created by “bar chef” Egor Polonskiy, he is manipulating drink flavors as a food chef, and is also equipped with a pan and fire for flambé cocktails. Most of his ingredients are homemade; like spicy guanabana puree (guava and banana), pistachio syrup, elderberry jam, or varenie (black currant paste). Some of the most interesting and playful combinations are:
“The Siberian Cup” – cucumber infused Beluga Noble vodka, muddled fresh strawberries, lemongrass, honey, and Russian jam.
“The Madame de Pompadour” – Maestro Dobel tequila, honey, fresh pineapple, sage, Peychaud’s bitters, and a spiced glass rim.
“Peach Old Fashioned” – orange peel-infused bourbon and fresh peaches.
“Red Square” – Czech herbal liqueur called Becherovka, vanilla syrup, egg whites and rosemary.
“Smoked Salmon Caviar Bloody Mary” – Alaskan vodka infused with smoked salmon and garnished with a quail egg filled with caviar, but this specialty cocktail is priced at $125.

Regular cocktails range from $12 – $14. The Flat will be softly open this weekend, with a preview menu available until the official opening in April.